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#2 Book Review: I, Alex Cross - James Patterson

#2 James Patterson's Alex Cross Series: Another Stunner

James Patterson has become probably the biggest thriller writer of the past twenty plus years (Lee Child might have something to say about it, but sales win, sorry Jack Reacher) and his style has become almost a staple for writing a fast-paced crime novel.

It works, undoubtably. Short chapters, crossed story lines both personal and business, and a lead character so familiar and relatable our hearts often bleed. 
When I first got back into reading in my teenage years, JP, and in particular Alex Cross, came to be a huge part of that. Such easy, yet brilliant reads. That's why I chose to review one of Patterson's Cross series first. 
Whilst the title may not seem clear throughout, this is certainly full of the staple Patterson diet. A very delicious appetiser of brutal murder, followed by the personal link to Alex Cross' life. A tragedy to arrange even the coolest of heads, Dr Cross immediately takes to the case. 

#1 Everything I'm Far Too Interested In

#1 - Everything

Good morning,

The weather is dull this morning; as is the ordinarily the trivial matter of starting a blog.

I've done it before, a few times, to little success. I have had a blog about my own musical exploits (entirely ripping off Noel Gallagher's tour blog really; mine was far less eventful), a blog about psychology (a fascination of mine, and a minor success, but hard to sustain) and a mental health blog (probably one of the bravest I've done, but I continued to lose confidence).

After much analysis I realised that perhaps I was trying too hard to invest myself into one hole and define myself as having one string to my bow each time, but that is mundane. Humans aren't generally invented to be one thing. There's no one is who solely into music. No one is solely into climate change. No one is solely dedicated to their own mental health. No one is solely dedicated to various smelly forms of blue cheese pasteurised in Canada (I know nothing about blue…