#1 Everything I'm Far Too Interested In

#1 - Everything

Good morning,

The weather is dull this morning; as is the ordinarily the trivial matter of starting a blog.

I've done it before, a few times, to little success. I have had a blog about my own musical exploits (entirely ripping off Noel Gallagher's tour blog really; mine was far less eventful), a blog about psychology (a fascination of mine, and a minor success, but hard to sustain) and a mental health blog (probably one of the bravest I've done, but I continued to lose confidence).

After much analysis I realised that perhaps I was trying too hard to invest myself into one hole and define myself as having one string to my bow each time, but that is mundane. Humans aren't generally invented to be one thing. There's no one is who solely into music. No one is solely into climate change. No one is solely dedicated to their own mental health. No one is solely dedicated to various smelly forms of blue cheese pasteurised in Canada (I know nothing about blue cheese).

© Jacob Hutchins Photography, 2018

So I decided to just start writing a blog about everything I love, which can be anything starting at music (live, albums, radio shows, anything) and ranging into my love of books (I'm going to review and discuss a fair few) and my adoration of gin, and in particular BEER. I assure you, this will also be a commentary on anything and anyone I find fascinating in this world.

There's a lot to get through, but please allow me briefly to talk a little about myself (sorry).

My name is Lee and I'm from a small town called Newbury in the south of England (with a Scottish heritage, so I support the Scottish rugby team. Sorry Lads). I went to school. I hated it. I went to sixth form. I hated it. I had many friends. I lost a lot of them. I went to university. I hated a lot of it.

© Jacob Hutchins Photography, 2018

But throughout all of that there are memories and people I treasure and will do forever, and many still with me now. Music came from that. I started playing guitar based on listening to, yes, you guessed it, Oasis when I was no older than 13. From there I've been in bands, and always been a singer/songwriter along the side. I won't bore you with the details, it's very long and I'm sure much of it will come up.

I've always been a writer, and that has stemmed from a constant fascination in words in all of their uses within popular culture. I've written a novel. I've written countless poems. I've written journalistic pieces (available through SUBCULTURE) and obviously, I've written blogs. I will always write, and I will never stop.

My love of beer comes from bar work. I've worked in bars from the age of 18 and always been fascinated by beer and gin. My love of real ale runs deep and I will, as part of this blog, be rating my finest and favourite beers I've found weekly. If that sort of thing interests you.

© Jacob Hutchins, 2018
So that's me, generally. I also have a huge interest in most sport, and I'm sure it'll come up, as well as a direct fascination and obsession with comic books and television. I'm sure we'll talk about it. 

But finally my biggest fascination is people, most likely including you. I hope you want to join me on this journey, and I'll always be interested to hear what you think and see your blogs.

I always want to know what the world has to offer. For now? Stick around.

LB x


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