#6 A Week In Beer: Loddon, Reunion Ales, Vale Brewery

#6 N.O.T.U.S and Isotonic YES.

I'm killing it a bit this week.

I've been pretty glued on the same beers. I've had a lot of pales. I haven't really left the pub.

Guilty. Again.

Warwick & Laure @ The Catherine Wheel, pint of N.O.T.U.S - Copyright Lee Robert Bouzida, 2018

I'll keep it short, as there wasn't a lot of variation for me this week.

I've tried a few different things, including Wild Weather's new collaborative beer with Weird Beard, 'My Milkshake Brings All The Beards To The Yard'. The name is better than the beer. It's a peanut butter milkshake IPA, and it smells horrendous. It tastes very, very sweet, and unnatural for a beer for me. However much it clearly doesn't work on cask, it may well be one of those beers that works nicely as a canned brew.

Also this week, I dove into a can of TOOL's 'First Frontier' again, and I must say I genuinely think it might be one of the best canned IPA's around. Crack one open, have a taste.

One of the other beers I've had this week was Vale Brewery's Bohemia Blonde Pilsner. Not that great, to be honest, it's like a casked lager. Slightly warm, not fizzy, and a bit sickly. However, I would probably recommend to someone getting into ales from being a lager drinker? Maybe? I Don't know, I'm just trying to be positive.

Bohemia Blonde Pilsner Badge, Vale Brewery@ The Catherine Wheel, Copyright Lee Robert Bouzida 2018

But the beers I enjoyed most this week were once again pales. The Isotonic Gentlemen's Sports Drink is a pale from Reunion Ales and is beautifully hopped and easy drinking (far too easy drinking for it's own good) and I can safely say it scored highly on my untappd. As did, however, the N.O.T.U.S from Loddon. Another quality brew from a local brewery, it's a little darker in colour (despite being an APA), but drinks like a pale, and has a sublime fruity hop to it. Love an APA when done right (ask Longman if you wanna know how to NOT do it).

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment and let me know. Also, go find me on Untappd!


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